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Incoming Visitor

Posted on 12 Sep 2018 @ 7:06pm by Sergeant Hellena Rhodes & Colonel Bryan Accomack

Mission: Prologue: The Third
Location: COL Accomack's Makeshift Office
Timeline: MD1, 10:48

Sergeant Hellena Rhodes stared into her coffee mug, she'd lost count of what number it was for the day, probably the eighth. She returned from the replicator to the S1 section of the make sure headquarters area. Returning to her desk in the corner she was slightly annoyed to see a pulse red indicator on her terminal that she had missed a message. Figures a girl takes two minutes to get a cup of coffee and some genius picks that moment to need to me.

Accessing the message she found it was the Admiral Drake's Adjunct's office, the Admiral would be arriving at 611 in three days to meet with the Colonel personally. She noted the details into the Colonel's schedule, sent a message to the section admins that the Admiral would be heard and rose to her feet to go inform the Colonel.

Accomack was in his makeshift office, door open, it's entrance guarded by the S1 Department. He was staring intently at something on his screen as if he weren't sure of what to make of it. Before the Sergeant could knock he glanced toward the door and waved her in.

"Sir, Admiral Drake is on the way he will arrive in three days, his transport is currently due at 13:00." The Sergeant said handing him the PADD, "I've informed section heads and 611 Ops."

“Good,” He said, reading the message from the PADD. “Looks like this will be a personal meeting. Arrange for someone from Food Services to be present as a steward and see if you can’t find me a good place on the station for the meeting. If all else fails my quarters will work.”

"Yes, Sir." She replied, "We're tight on space but I'll see if I can track something with some privacy down."

"If anyone can do it you can," he said. "You're worth your weight in latinum Sergeant. You will get your pick of assignment when this tour is complete as far as I have any control over it."

"Thank you, sir." She said with a small smile. "Is there anything you else need right now."

"If you see the Sergeant Major let him know I'm in," he said. "Thank you," he said in dismissal.

She nodded and turned on her heel before stepping out of the 'office' and returning to her cubical.


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