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The Door Is Too Small

Posted on 03 Sep 2018 @ 5:00pm by Lieutenant Colonel Markus Van Der Berg

Mission: Prologue: The Third
Location: Starbase 611 - Port Hanger Bay
Timeline: MD 1 09:00

Markus stood on the edge of the hanger deck, the MEU's aerospace group had been packed into the port stack column. "Colonel," a Sergeant said coming up and handing him a PADD. "Latest evaluations from Squadron Commanders."

"Thank you Sergeant, dismissed." The Colonel said. He reviewed the padd, "Major Kensington report to flight control." He said over the comm as he turned and headed to the hangers flight control which had been taken over by the ACE.

"Sir," The Major said snapping a salute as he approached.

"Major Kensington, care to explain why your squadrons last round of drills have show a 5% decrease in scores. In fact your results have been training down for the last three drills." Colonel Van Der Berg said handing him the padd.

The relatively young blond turned slightly red. "Sir, the Squadrons has been having some, issues, with our new facility. The smaller hanger has resulted in it taking longer to launch the entire squadron. As such it takes time once we're launched to get into formation for the drills."

"Major. I don't want excuses, if we're deployed and in combat do you think the size of the hanger or the condition of our launch is a valid excuse?"

"Sir, No sir." The Major replied.

"Good, fix it. I want another drill done and the report on my desk by the end of the day." Van Der Berg responded.

"Yes sir."

"Dismissed." Markus said rubbing the bridge of his nose as he watched the Major leave. "I'm going to go speak with the Colonel." He said to duty officer who nodded in response.


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