Welcome Home

Posted on 01 Nov 2018 @ 8:38pm by Colonel Bryan Accomack & First Lieutenant Katelyn Elias & Sergeant Hellena Rhodes & Major Justin Braxton

Mission: Mission 1: Operation Trinity
Location: Convoy Ship Karma
Timeline: MD1 14:00

The Third Marine Expeditionary Unit had gone through the Epatha Gateway two days prior but due to its slow-moving speeds from some of the convoy vessel they were only just approaching the Aketi system, their new home. The MEU would be landing in waves and establishing the first phase of the base with mostly tents, some prefabricated buildings for hangers, aerospace craft maintenance, and a command and control center.

Aboard the Karma one of the largest civilian cargo vessels with a Federation Flag was the Command and Staff, Medical Detachment, and the supplies for the prefabricated buildings, and a temporary command center for the operation. The Karma, USS Nomad, and the USS Osceola were the only three of the ships that would remain past the first forty-five day cycle of the gateway's opening with all others discharging their cargo and passengers to the planet's surface within the first forty days.

The Karma would remain as the headquarters of the Third MEU and medical services for the unit until appropriate facilities were established at the base, yet to be named. The Osceola an Akira Class carrier would remain until an airbase was established on the surface. The USS Nomad was assigned to Colonel Accomack as sector commander of the Gradin Belt, per Major General Potter.

"Colonel," 1LT Elias called out, from her desk in the makeshift operations center.

"Yes Lieutenant?" he asked, looking up from his own desk which was the center rear of the u-shaped operations center.

"The bridge is signaling that we are dropping from warp and approaching the Aketi System at impulse," Elias reported.

"Very well, inform the Captain that he has command of the convoy and let him know I'm on my way up," he ordered.

"Aye sir," Elias said, going about her business.

"Major Braxton," Accomack said, as he locked his computer and rose from his desk.

Hearing his name, Justin looked up from his desk and eyes the Colonel, "Sir?"

"You're in command of the operations center and will coordinate landing operations. Once we've established first contact with our hosts I will depart aboard the Nomad to meet with the Task Force Commander at Kartelan Station. Sergeant Major will be our rep on the ground, any questions?" he asked.

"Understood, Colonel," Justin replied, "No questions, sir. This should be normal landing operations."

"Alright then Major, you're in charge, you'll be notified when we are prepared to begin landing operations. We'll be in touch," the Colonel said, turning and leaving. "Sergeant you're with me," he added, as he passed his aide.