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New digs. nah I'll stay

Posted on 16 Sep 2018 @ 4:16pm by Captain Telin Th'isherass

Mission: Prologue: The Third
Location: H company HQ
Timeline: MD01 1400

Captain Th'isherass was packing up a few things. Various pictures and the like from his career as he prepared to change offices. Reluctantly I might add. However, being a squared away officer as he was, he followed orders and prepared to get to his new spot at battalion. Luckily, they et him retain his company.

Then it hit him. "I keep my company. All this means is I have slightly more responsibility." The Andorian said to no one in particular. And he started to put his gear back. Taking care to put it back exactly where it belonged. After all, Telin was a firm believer in "A place for everything, and everything in its place." Much to the chagrin of NCO's and juniors alike.
Who to a man saw it as "Slighty annoying." but also as a quirk that they love as well.

Just then a caitian was standing at the door. And he couldn't help but let out a chuckle. "I think you missed a frame, Skipper." he said

Thelin spun around. "Cr'ash?" he said. "Havent seen you since the Picard. How goes it ?" he asked. "Do come in." he added.

"Thanks, sir." Cr'ash said. "Been a botswains mate on Nomad for a good bit now. What about you? Still Kicking butt and taking names?"

"I've started a new padd." Telin replied, letting his hair down so to speak. "You know what? They've got me running a batallion now."

"Really?!" Cr'ash said. "I'll have to find you a good sergeant. NCO's know people." he smiled.

"You do that, Petty Officer." Telin said.

"I'll leave you to it then, sir." Cr'ash said, leaving



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