Long Flights Training

Posted on 01 Oct 2018 @ 5:04pm by Lieutenant Colonel Markus Van Der Berg & Colonel Bryan Accomack

Mission: Prologue: The Third
Location: Colonel Accomack's 'Office'
Timeline: MD 2, 09:30

Lieutenant Colonel Markus arrived at the makeshift office of the MEU commander.

"Colonel got a minute?"

Accomack swiveled in his chair to face the open door, "sure, what's up?"

"Any word on the deployment?" He asked the senior Colonel, "Or at least a chance to better stretch our wings, doing training sorties with the facilities we have here is rather limited."

"Nothing as of yet, I'm afraid," he said, with a frown. "Admiral Drake is coming to see me in a couple of days so I hope to have orders in hand by then. If you would like I can get some orders drawn up for you to get a bigger stretch for tomorrow?" he offered.

The pilot nodded, "I was thinking of a taking the fighter force out and doing some longer drills, there's some decent obstacles out in the oort, we'd be looking at about 16 hours deck to deck. Some of these guys haven't flown a mission longer than an 8 hour CAP."

"If that's what you think needs to be done you have the green light from me," Bryan said.

"Thanks, I rather not have the first time these guys have to pull a long flight be in Delta," Markus replied.

"I'll send a message to Major Braxton to give you op orders for whatever you'd like to do. Head over to his office and work it all out with him," the Colonel said.

"Yes sir. Thank you." Markus said, "Is there anything else you need from me at present?"

"Not a thing, see you later," he said, extending his hand to shake.