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The S2

Posted on 14 Sep 2018 @ 5:50am by Colonel Bryan Accomack & Major Basir "Baz" Ch'choriq

Mission: Prologue: The Third
Location: COL Accomack's Makeshift Office
Timeline: MD1, 1303

Major Basir Ch’choriq, known to his friends (such as they were) as ‘Baz’ stepped out of the umbilical and into the starbase. He carried with him his ditty bag. Anything else he might need would be delivered to storage until loaded for transfer to the Delta Quadrant. Looking around, he found a checkpoint that wasn’t too busy and got in line. It didn’t take long for him to be processed through. An uninformed young master-at-arms attempted to stop him for carrying a blade openly, saying that since it wasn’t an Andorian blade, he wasn’t allowed to carry it. Baz coldly informed the young man that the regulation did not specify that the carried blade had to be Andorian. He could run about with a mek’leth on his hip if he so chose. However, for ease of movement while he traveled, he carried a simple Filipino Pakal knife with a curved wooden handle that was 24.76 centimeters in overall length, with a blade length of 12.7 centimeters. He carried it in a sheath on his right side, clipped to his belt. He was wearing his Class A’s, so it was visible. Nonetheless, it was completely legal. Finally, a more experienced master-at-arms, a Leading Petty Officer, came over and settled the dispute in Baz’s favor, apologized, and sent the Intelligence Officer on his way.

Baz stopped by Operations to secure temporary quarters for himself, unpacked, cleaned up, then headed for the temporary offices currently being used by his commanding officer. When he got there, a corporal asked him to wait a moment and called the Colonel.

“Sir,” the corporal said into his desk comm. “There’s a Major Basir Ch’choriq here to see you.”

"Send him right in," the Colonel responded. He secured his computer console and straightened up in his chair awaiting his newly arrived S2. He was grateful that most of the MEU was intact from its training evolution personnel was a strange beast that he often found himself in battle with about changing around personnel after a training or just before deployment. This time however it seemed to be a lot better than it was.

The corporal rose from his seat and went to the door of the makeshift office in the cargo bay and pulled it open, motioning the major inside, then closed it behind him.

Baz walked, or rather marched, into the room and came to attention in front of Colonel Accomack. He executed a textbook salute and held it, waiting for the Colonel to return the salute before he relaxed.

"Major Basir Ch'choriq reporting to the Colonel," he said.

"Welcome aboard major," he said, "please take a seat." Accomack motioned to one of the chairs before his desk. "Have you had a long trip?"

Baz sat in the indicated chair and faced his commanding officer.

"Not as long as some," Baz said. "Fifteenth MEU isn't stationed all that far from here. I apologize for my tardiness in arriving. My relief was delayed and the Captain below me too inexperienced to leave by herself. Though she would never admit it, I believe she was relieved that I chose to delay my departure. That was part of the reason I delayed. Her failure to admit her shortcomings, or at least her self-perceived shortcomings. She'll never improve if she can't acknowledge that there is room for improvement."

The Colonel nodded as the Major spoke, honestly a little surprised he'd speak about this person like that when it was irrelevant to the current unit. He glanced down at a PADD that he had on his desk and then back up at the Major.

"Not a problem at all Major at least you made it before we enter the gateway," he said. "We're expecting Admiral Drake to arrive within the next couple of days and I suspect we'll gain our mission briefing at that time. I would imagine the next time the gateway opens after we will be proceeding to our destination and mission. How up to speed are you on the Task Force 38 operating area? I know it's difficult with the limited communication between them and the rest of Starfleet."

"I'm working my way through the most recent reports," Baz replied. "I will start on the latest information once I have my hands on it."

"Keep in mind that any report we get from our new home could be over a month old by the time we get the transmissions."

"Of course, Colonel," Baz replied.

"I wish I had more for you, trust me," he said. "Take the day to get yourself settled in your temporary quarters and find your office. I'm sure your team will be ready to bring you up to speed. The S3, Major Braxton, is the acting Executive Officer."

Baz nodded.

"I will meet with my officers and NCOs shortly," he said. "And when we get through the gateway, I'll make sure we acquire the most recent Intel reports available and we will go over it all and present the relevant facts to you."

"I will also be sure to pass along anything I learn from Admiral Drake. We should be getting an update through the TF38 intel channels when the gateway opens as well. If you have nothing else I'm sure that you have a lot of things on your to do list for today."

"Yes," Baz said, rising to leave. "I do. Thank you, Colonel. I'll get right to work."


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