But Uncle Bry!

Posted on 03 Sep 2018 @ 1:09am by Colonel Bryan Accomack & First Lieutenant Katelyn Elias

Mission: Prologue: The Third
Location: Starbase 611, COL Accomack's Quarters
Timeline: MD1, 09:22

The Third Marine Expeditionary Unit had just a week ago moved from the surface of Kovar III to Starbase 611 after completing a three-month training evolution. The MEU has been preparing to move into the Delta Quadrant and begin forward operations due to the climate in the area to support Task Force Thirty-eight.

Officially, the MEU had not received any orders and so while they were aware the move would come eventually they were not aware when or exactly what they'd be doing when they got there.

Despite the annoyance of not knowing as much as he'd like to know or as much as he thought he should know the fact that a Medical Support Detachment had been attached and would arrive tomorrow he knew that the official word would be coming soon.

The MEU was in standdown and so the work days and the number of days required to be worked by its personnel was relaxed. Technically they had a four day week with each command making its own determination of the exact schedule.

Despite himself being more than able to take a four day week he made it a point to be in his office and make himself known in the Operations Center set up in a large cargo bay on the station. There were temporary dividers that were set up to keep various company/battalion offices on their own.

There were two areas for the Medical and Aviation elements that were mostly empty. The aviation group liked to keep into their own sandbox which having been previously part of it in his short time enlisted he understood. The other spot was for the Medical Detachment to set up shop temporarily although they currently lacked an area to actually conduct any type of medical operations.

Bryan was just attaching his ranks to the collar of a fresh pair of utilities in the mirror when the chime rang. He glanced toward the door to his bedroom, which was open, and he could see the door to the passageway outside of his VIP quarters.

"Who could that be?" he said, to himself, as he finished attaching the second rank. He gave himself another look over in the mirror before he walked toward the entranceway of his quarters in the living room. He hit the button on the door to his room as he passed so it would close behind him.

"Enter," he called. His Sergeant Major would be waiting at his office for him and generally, if his aide came to his quarters he called to give him a heads up. He really had no idea who might be at his door looking to speak with him.

"Uncle Bry!" His annoyed sounding 'niece' called entering the room. Just like her Uncle, she was dressed in her own Marine utilities. Though of course, the young girl was wearing the silver bar of a First Lieutenant on each side of her collar.

"I guess you got your orders," Bryan said, calmly.

"How could you?" the girl demanded.

"How could you walk into the quarters of the Commanding Officer about three levels up the chain of command and demand to know why an order was signed?" he asked, motioning her toward the couch. He moved toward the sitting area and took a seat in the armchair near the couch, facing it.

"You're my uncle," she said, hotly, as she sat down.

"Not when it comes to my signature on personnel orders I'm not," he said, flatly. "You wouldn't walk into your Battalion Commander's office and do this would you?" he asked.

"Of course not," she said, like a scolded child.

"Then why would you walk into his bosses, albeit temporary, home?" he asked.

"Point taken, but, Uncle Bry! I lost my platoon and now I'm going to S3 as an assistant staff officer?" she sighed, collapsing onto the couch.

"Yes," he said. "I know you don't want to with our move into the Delta Quadrant but you're a bright young officer who will do fantastic in operations. You will gain experience that you won't gain as a Platoon Leader and you'll get to be a bit more involved in headquarters. It's a stepping stone and every officer needs an administrative spot to move up in the world.

She just stared at him blankly.

"Look," he said. "Major Braxton is acting Executive Officer until we finally get one which means that he's going to need to lean on you to run the staff section. A First Lieutenant running the S3 of an MEU is not heard of and when you show how good at it you are then you'll have that in your jacket for the rest of your career.

"I don't want to go to S3," she sighed.

"Would you rather be S1 or 4?" he asked, with a smirk.

"Fine," she said, getting up. "I'll see you later for our dinner, right?" she asked.

"Absolutely, love you kid," he said.

"Love you too, Uncle Bry."