Prologue: The Third

Prologue: The Third

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Mission Info

Status Current Mission
Description After completing a training evolution the Third Marine Expeditionary Unit is staging at Starbase 611 as ordered preparing for forward deployment. Once linked up with their Medical Support Detachment the command of 3MEU is expecting to be sent into the Delta Quadrant to assist with growing operations in the region by the Federation.
Start Date 03 Sep 2018 @ 12:26am

Mission Posts

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Title Timeline Location
New digs. nah I'll stay
by Captain Telin Th'isherass
MD01 1400 H company HQ
by First Lieutenant Katelyn Elias & Major Justin Braxton
MD1, 10:30 Starbase 611, 3rd MEU Temporary HQ
The S2
by Colonel Bryan Accomack & Major Basir "Baz" Ch'choriq
MD1, 1303 COL Accomack's Makeshift Office
by Chief Warrant Officer 2 Kalvin Maddox & Lieutenant Heather Kowal
30 Minutes after 'Marines?' USS Nomad, Lounge
Incoming Visitor
by Sergeant Hellena Rhodes & Colonel Bryan Accomack
MD1, 10:48 COL Accomack's Makeshift Office
by Lieutenant Heather Kowal & Chief Warrant Officer 2 Kalvin Maddox
30 Days Prior to Mission USS Nomad, Officer's Quarters
Breakfast Routine
by Colonel Bryan Accomack & Sergeant Major Raphael Romano
MD1, 10:45 COL Accomack's Makeshift Office
Four Pips and a Bird
by Colonel Bryan Accomack & Captain Gazelle Girabaldi
MD 2, 11:00 Colonel Accomack's Office
The Door Is Too Small
by Lieutenant Colonel Markus Van Der Berg
MD 1 09:00 Starbase 611 - Port Hanger Bay
But Uncle Bry!
by Colonel Bryan Accomack & First Lieutenant Katelyn Elias
MD1, 09:22 Starbase 611, COL Accomack's Quarters

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