Mission 1: Operation Trinity

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Operation Trinity is the code-name for the operational mandate that has been passed to the Marine Corps by the Federation Council to establish and maintain peace on Aketi III. The planet located within the Delta Quadrant was discovered just six months ago and inhabited by decedents of a lost colony convoy. The colony has grown over generations into three separate governments occupying the planet's largest continent with some colonies of their own throughout the planet.

With the rediscovery of these lost Federation citizens the Federation Council has decided their goal would be to integrate them back into the Federation and establish the first planet controlled by the United Federation of Planets in the Delta Quadrant. Hoping that this new foothold with a long term, yet unknown civilization, would establish them as a player within the region and improve relations with other species and governments in the Gradin Belt.

In this mission the Third MEU is arriving to their new home at Aketi III and will establish their home base and begin peacekeeping operations.

Mission 1: The Gateway

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Prologue: The Third

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After completing a training evolution the Third Marine Expeditionary Unit is staging at Starbase 611 as ordered preparing for forward deployment. Once linked up with their Medical Support Detachment the command of 3MEU is expecting to be sent into the Delta Quadrant to assist with growing operations in the region by the Federation.