Major Basir "Baz" Ch'choriq


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Major Basir "Baz" Ch'choriq

Name Basir "Baz" Ch'choriq

Position Intelligence Officer (S2)

Rank Major

Character Information

Gender Male
Species Andorian
Age 57

Physical Appearance

Height 1.85m
Weight 70kg
Hair Color White
Eye Color Hazel
Physical Description Tall, athletic in a wiry sort of way, with severe features some might call attractive.


Father Abiv (Thaan), Kossan (Chan)
Mother Ozari (Shen), Theza (Zhen)
Other Family Various

Personality & Traits

General Overview Baz is an expert in Intelligence, with skills ranging from analysis, to interviewing and interrogation, to denial and deception, to reconnaissance. His work has earned him the respect of his peers.

In his personal life, Baz is awkward. He has trouble relating to people outside of work. He struggles with having a social life. He’s shown no interest in joining a quad, making his relatives very upset with him.

At 57, Baz is just short of middle age for an Andorian, which means he still retains some of his youthful vigor and good, if severe, looks.
Strengths & Weaknesses Trained Martial Artist
Experience, Training, and Education in various military and intelligence related areas.
Special Operations Training
Educated, possesses two graduate degrees
Ambitions Baz plans to remain in Starfleet for another 40 to 50 years. Having come up through the ranks, he does not hold out high hopes for making flag rank, but one never knows. Ideally, he'd like to run the Marine Corps Intelligence Activity.
Hobbies & Interests Andorian Martial Skills (hand-to-hand, blades), Filipino Martial Arts (Kali, Kuntao, Dumog, Suntukan/Panatukan), Andorian Blues, Earth Jazz, Fusion, Funk, and Blues.

Personal History Basir “Baz” Ch’choriq was born on Andoria, by Earth reckoning towards the end of April, 2332. He was an only child and even then his manner could be He had friends and he played with them, but he was selective and didn’t like to surround himself with lots of friends. He’d rather have one, maybe two, close friends. The rest he prefered to keep at a distance. He had some luck with Shens and Zhens, enough that he wasn’t completely lonely, but he wasn’t good at letting people close.

By the time he graduated from secondary school, Basir was considered an expert duelist and was a top hand to hand fighter, winning competitions regularly. He was in prime physical condition, and, when he broke with his parents’ educational plans for him and instead enlisted in the Starfleet Marine Corps, he was physically ready. His keen mind meant that he was mentally prepared as well.

After Basic Training, Basir, who by now had earned the nickname ‘Baz’, was sent to the Starfleet/Marine Corps Intelligence Specialist School. He became first an Intelligence Specialist, and then, after further advanced training, became a Counterintelligence/Sentient Intelligence Specialist and was assigned to a Sentient Intelligence Exploitation Team or SET and assigned to forward areas in the Cardassian Border Wars. Baz saw a great deal of action over the nearly twelve years he served in those conflicts. After the war, he worked on a team dealing with Maquis activity, something he hated because he sympathized with their cause, if not their methods.

Between 2371 and 2372, Baz was commissioned a 2nd Lieutenant and trained to be an Infantry Officer, a Scout Sniper Platoon Commander, and a Ground Intelligence Officer. He served as a Scout Sniper Platoon Commander in the war against the Klingons and again in the war against the Dominion. His platoon was among a group of Fleeters and Marines, and their allies, who were mistakenly left behind during the retreat from Chintoka. Baz and his marines took part in guerilla actions fought against the Dominion and its allies until they were finally brought home at the end of the war.

Baz declined an offer to join the Raiders (Marine Corps Special Forces) to attend the Expeditionary Warfare Course. At the end of the course, he was once again offered the opportunity to join the Raiders and was given a significant push, one that he did not feel he could ignore. He spent the next six years with the Raiders commanding a Marine Special Operations Team. He participated in a number of critical, highly classified missions during this time.

Following his time with the Raiders, Baz was permitted to return to his chosen career field (Intelligence). He attended Command and Staff College, Starfleet Intelligence University, and completed the Marine Aerospace Ground Task Force Intelligence Officer Course and was assigned to 15th MEU as their MAGTF Intel Officer. In 2389, he was assigned to 3rd MEU as MAGTF Intel Officer (S-2)
Service Record EDUCATION:
Starfleet Academy: BS in Political Science
Starfleet Intelligence University: Master of Science in Strategic Intelligence
Marine Corps University
-Expeditionary Warfare Course
-Command and Staff College: Master of Military Studies

Marine Corps Basic Training
Infantry Course
Starfleet/Marine Corps Intelligence School
Officer Candidacy School (OCS)
The Basic School (TBS)
Infantry Officer Course
Scout Sniper Platoon Commander Course
Ground Intelligence Officer Course
Raider Training
MAGTF Intelligence Officer Course


2350-2351 Marine Basic Training, Infantry Course, Intelligence Specialist Course
2351-2355 PFC/LCpl, Intel Specialist, Marine Corps Intelligence Activity, Cardassian Border Wars
2355-2355 CI/SENTINT Course
2355-2359 Cpl, SENTINT Exploitation Team (SET), Cardassian Border Wars
2359-2363 Sgt, SET, Cardassian Border Wars
2363-2367 SSgt, SET, Cardassian Border Wars
2367-2371 GSgt, SET
2371-2372 OCS, TBS, Infantry Officer School, Scout Sniper Platoon Commander School, Ground Intelligence Officer Course
2372-2373 2LT, Scout Sniper Platoon Commander
2373-2375 1LT, Scout Sniper Platoon Commander
2375-2376 Expeditionary Warfare School
2376-2377 Raider Pipeline
2377-2382 Commander, Marine Special Operations Team (MSOT), Marine Raider Regiment
-Command & Staff College, Master of Military Studies
-Starfleet Intelligence University, Master of Science in Strategic Intelligence
-Marine Aerospace Ground Task Force Intelligence Officer Course
-MAGTF Intel Officer, 15th MEU

CI/SENTINT stands for Counterintelligence/Sentient Intelligence. It is based on the Marine career field ‘Counterintelligence/Human Intelligence’ or CI/HUMINT. These Marines work Counterintelligence while deployed (CI at home and in other situations I believe is handled by NCIS [maybe SFCIS in Star Trek?]) and gather HUMINT through interviews, interrogations, collection of documents, etc. They operate in the field as far as I understand it.
Marine Corps University is actually a thing. It provides advanced training for officers and enlisted personnel.
Starfleet Intelligence University is based on a school run by the US Defense Intelligence Agency that offers degrees and certificates relating to the Intelligence field.
Intelligence Officer training (everything from OCS to MAGTF Intelligence Officer Course was taken from the Marine Corps website, which has since changed and I can’t find that specific page anymore.