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This is the official database of the Third Marine Expeditionary Unit (3rd MEU) a proud member of Task Force 38, Bravo Fleet. The 3rd MEU is a play by NOVA simulation that requires all members to be eighteen years of age or older.

The 3rd MEU takes place on a Class M planet, Aketi III, that is inhabited by descendants of a thought to be lost Federation colony convoy. Currently, it is unknown why the planet was not detected by others but it will eventually be discovered it was due to Borg Technology left on the planet when the original occupants were decimated.

The 3rd MEU offers both positions in areas including, but not limited to, Infantry, Aviation, Command, Military-Civil Operations (Diplomacy), Military Police, Engineering (we need to build a station), and so much more.

Members of the sim are able to also enjoy playing secondary characters aboard our attached vessel the USS Nomad, local residents, and government leaders.

Canon Policy

For purposes of canon within the 3rd MEU collaborative writing group, this database shall serve as the principal source of canon overriding all other sources. For items not covered in this database, the Bravo Fleet Infobase will be our secondary resource for all canon matters. Finally, for items not covered in either database, our tertiary sources include Memory-Alpha as well as any other official Star Trek website.

In Character History

In 2262 a Colony Convoy hoping to establish a colony on the fringe of known space within the Beta Quadrant set off from a starbase in the Alpha Quadrant. This convoy was made up of voluntary Federation Citizens from various species and cultures that were all members of the great UFOP. In 2263 the Federation lost contact with the convoy who seemingly disappeared. Investigations that lasted until 2264 resulted in the colony convoy never being found nor any trace of their cause for the disappearance.

As it turns out the colony convoy went through an unidentified gateway in space that causes their appearance within the Gradin Belt of the Delta Quadrant. The convoy which was severely damaged while traveling through the gateway eventually descends upon a Class M planet within the Aketi System on Aketi III.

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